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Welcome ForEx Traders and Investors!Sunrise

We are a 100% automated ForEx trading services group and are more than three years in the business of providing 100% automated trading solutions for the Forex Market.

Our trade service is based on deep statistical analysis of 10 years 1 minute tick data and very sophisticated mathematical pattern recognition methods.
Trading is done completely emotion-less and no sentiment trading or predicting the market form news is allowed.
Our profit comes from the waves in waves pattern recognition and trades 24 hours 5 days a week.
Whether the market moves up or down it always goes in smaller waves on top of the big wave.

RaptorFX reaps benefits of this in small profits, mostly short positions, many trades in a steady daily pace of course depending on market conditions like volatility.

We are very serious about our own invested money and so should you!

Here is our promise to you:

  1. We do not intervene/manipulate manually, but machine trade all the way
  2. We do not promise sky-high profits over night, but steady weekly and daily profits
  3. We are not a pyramid or gambling group, but mathematically and statistical sound profit makers

As said after three years of consistent making profit with true USD, back-testing 100.000+ different versions of our robot parameters, and testing the most promising ones with real money in true ForEx Market for years, we now offer you our services to join us in capturing our and hopefully your dream profits.

Let RaptorFX capture your dream Profits!

Important: trading and/or investing in Forex pairs is very risky and not suitable for everyone, so please read all the extensive warnings on our partner GoMarkets before opening an account and/or have RaptorFX trading for you.

Notice: RaptorFX is not a broker, nor a financial institution, does not give any investment advice and never will want to manage directly any of your trading funds on any of our accounts. RaptorFX is a service that you can order to trade for you under your full responsibility. RaptorFX cannot be hold responsible for market conditions, bad trades, losing money, prevent margin calls. In principle one should never trade on Forex (or stocks, options, futures, etc) exchanges with money you cannot afford to loose completely. See also terms & conditions