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Welcome Forex Traders and Investors!

Our holding group TRIYM is on the move to Asia as well, for a sneak preview visit: TRIYM.Asia

Trading will commence when we finish our own trading system based on Neural Networks.

We are a Forex trading service group and are more than three years profitable trading for our traders/investors by providing 100% automated trading solution on the Forex Market.

That was based on our MT4 Expert Advisor trade service is based on deep statistical analysis of last 10 years 1 minute tick data and very sophisticated mathematical pattern recognition methods. The new Neural Network trading system uses a very different technic to recognize positive trade patterns, early stage testing has started.

We reain true to below statements, ideas and honesty.

Answer only three simple questions to know if our services are of interest to you:
  1. Is your current investment doing less then 20%/year net?
  2. Is your current risk (profile) high or unknown?
  3. Are you paying for all kinds of things you rather not?
If ANY of these questions is answered with a YES then you have defintely come to the right group to help you get more profits with less risk and paying nothing but profit share instead.

RaptorFX captures its benefits in daily profits,
of mostly long* positions, about 100 trades per week

depending on market conditions and volatility.

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We are very serious about our own invested money and so should you!

We are looking into how to proof above claim of performance, as we will no longer use the MT4 platform we have not found yet an independent trustworthy source to share our performance with you. You can also follow us on twitter: @RaptorFX.Asia

Here are our three promises to you:
  1. We do machine trades all the way,
    so we do not intervene/manipulate manually trades
  2. We do steadily weekly and daily profits,
    so we do not promise sky-high profits overnight
  3. We do risk conscious, mathematical & statistical sound profit making,
    so we do not do a pyramid or other scams

As said after three years of consistent making profit with real USD in Forex Market, back-testing 100.000+ different versions of our robot parameters, and testing the most promising ones with real money in true Forex Market for years, we now face that market conditions no longer meet any mathematical model in safely in three decades. Time for something new!

For institutional investors Raptorfx has special offerings, we have dedicate section for you and your company. Please click here.

For large Private Investors Raptorfx has special services too, we have dedicate section for you and your private wealth firm. Please click here.

Let RaptorFX capture your dream Profits!

Voting Poll: Does your investment make 20%/year net or more?

Important: trading and/or investing in Forex pairs is very risky and not suitable for everyone, so please read all the extensive warnings on our partner GoMarkets website before opening an account and/or have RaptorFX trading for you.

Notice: RaptorFX is not a broker, nor a financial institution, does not give any investment advice and never will want to manage directly any of your trading funds on any of our own accounts. RaptorFX is a service that you can order to trade for you under your full responsibility. RaptorFX cannot be hold responsible for market conditions, bad trades, losing money, prevent margin calls, etc. In principle one should never trade on Forex (or stocks, options, futures, etc) exchanges with money you cannot afford to loose completely. See also terms & conditions

* long positions means that it is no scalping or high frequency trading and that our trades are on the market ranging from a few minutes to a couple of days or sometimes weeks (rare)